Arcadia Volleyball Club


Girls age 15 & up

TRYOUTs 9/19/2020:

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Girls age 14 & under

TRYOUTs 10/3/2020:

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Youth Academy

(Ages 7-14)


Starting THURSDAYS 3/12-5/14

4:30-6:00p Intro

6:00-7:30p Intermediate

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(6019 Baldwin Ave,

Temple City CA 91780)

If you have questions, please contact Coach Eugene at

"ICON" gym of the Immanuel Church of the Nazarene of Temple City

(9953 Las Tunas Dr., Temple City)


"FBC" gym of the First Baptist Church of Temple City

(6019 Baldwin Ave, Temple City)

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Clothing and Accessory Suggestions for Club Competition


Volleyball court shoes are NOT recommended for routine practice. A well-cushioned running shoe (not trail running) is highly recommended. Additional cushioning insoles are recommended. The primary goal is prevention of patellar tendinopathy (jumper's knee) and lessen symptoms of Osgood–Schlatter's disease in growing children. For shoe recommendations, please visit HERE.

Ankle Protection:

Another preventable injury is sprains of the ankle. Active Ankles T1 and T2 are highly recommended. The Active Ankle Volt is NOT recommended due to manufacturing defects.

Knee Pads:

Bulkier kneepads offer more protection. At the earlier stages of volleyball when one is still learning proper mechanics for diving, thicker kneepads are recommended, at least for routine practices.

About Arcadia Volleyball Club

Arcadia Volleyball Club (AVBC) was founded in 2013 by Flora Yang to foster and share her passion for volleyball with her children and amongst their friends. AVBC has since grown to include Youth programs as well as multiple Club level teams in the Southern California Volleyball Association (SCVA) Regional Tournaments (U15, U16, U18). Our practice sites are conveniently located in Pasadena and Temple City, and our club teams have comprised of student athletes from the following high schools: Arcadia, Temple City, Crecenta Valley, Mark Keppel, San Marino, and other schools in the area. As a small club, Arcadia Volleyball Club has a strong commitment to players and parents to find dedicated and experienced coaching staff as needed.

At the Club volleyball level, AVBC fills a critical affordability gap between clubs designated for the underprivileged and elite clubs that can charge $4,000+ per season. We practice with Molten Super Touch volleyballs (used for SCVA tournaments and in NCAA women's competition), and offer highly favorable player-to-coach ratios due to many dedicated volunteer coaches in addition to the regular staff coaches. Three two-hour practices are held each week except for weeks with an SCVA tournament. SCVA is the governing body for club volleyball in Southern California; our club is registered with SCVA and play in the regional tournaments.

At the Youth volleyball level, AVBC introduces children to volleyball at an earlier age than is found in the school system which tends to begin volleyball in middle school. Our program is structured in 3 parts: strength building, skills training, and skills application through scrimmaging. We train with lighter volleyballs specifically designed for younger players, the VolleyLite balls for the 4:30-6:00 session and U-12 volleyballs for the 6:00-7:30 session.

Like most endeavors, the better you become the more fun it becomes. We seek to create an environment where all children can thrive and find their passion. We welcome you to contact us and find the right program for you.