Presentations & Handouts

Download the presentations and supplemental handout for our annual events below. - ATX ABA

Transition and Life Planning - Fall Community Workshop 2020.pdf

Transition and Life Planning: Prepping learners for adulthood

Fall Community Workshop 2020

Ethics Grab Bag - May 2020.pdf

Ethics Grab Bag: Diving into ethical dilemmas

Spring CEU Night 2020

Calming the Chaos, Spring Wksp 2020.pdf

Calming the Chaos: Managing challenging behavior

Spring Community Workshop 2020

Fall Community Workshop 2019 - ARDs and IEPs.pdf
Blank IEP Template.pdf
Autism Supplement Explanation.pdf

ARD/IEP Process: What parents need to know

Fall Community Workshop 2019

Navigating Special Education, Dr. Jennifer Hamrick.pdf
Navigating Special Education, Links and Resources
Teaching Paraprofessionals to Implement Function-Based Interventions, Walker and Snell 2017.pdf

Navigating Special Education: What outside consultants need to know

Dr. Jennifer Hamrick

Summer Guest Speaker 2019

preventing problem behaviors, spring community workshop 2019.pdf
prevention spring workshop 2019 handout.pdf

Preventing Problem Behavior

Spring Community Workshop 2019

Anxiety Treatment For Children & Adolescents.pdf

Anxiety Treatment in Early Childhood and Adolescence

Dr. Erika Vivyan

Winter Guest Speaker 2019