Article Discussions

Article discussions are hosted at coffee shops and restaurants so we can grab a drink and gab about the research. Member volunteers facilitate article discussions by briefly explaining the intervention, giving a summary of the study, and opening up the group discussion. Facilitators get to pick the meeting location and the article. Criteria for selecting articles include being published in a peer-reviewed journal within 3 years--- other than that, the options are endless!

March 17, 2021 Article

ACT Article discussion M Reveley 2021.pdf

Article discussions don't always include a slide presentation, but March's discussion did! Thank you, Monica, for being our March discussion facilitator and sharing your presentation on ACT based on the article

ACT and ABA by Tarbox Szabo and Aclan 2020.pdf

September 16, 2020 Article

Matsuda et al. 2020.pdf

March 11, 2020 Article

Spring Article Discussion 2020 Verbal Behavior and RFT.pdf

September 18, 2019 Article

The Big Four, Functional Assessment Research Informs Preventative Behavior Analysis

March 20, 2019 Article

The Effects of Fluent Levels of Big 6 Plus 6 Skill Elements on Functional Motor Skills, Cihon and Eshleman 2010.pdf