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Where it all started...

Back in 2014, owners of the Magnolia School set up a one-time BCBA happy hour for BCBAs to connect and network.  In January 2016, Ali Baucom, owner of Baucom Behavioral, began coordinating monthly networking happy hours.  Thanks to the support of ABA Today staff, BCBAs were invited to help plan the formation of what is now ATX ABA in January 2017.  In April 2017, TxABA approved ATX ABA's Special Interest Group (SIG) application making ATX ABA official. 

ATX ABA founded April 2017

Meet our Board Members!


Jenna Taylor is a Licensed Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and received her Masters in autism and ABA from Texas State University, and earned a B.A. in Special Education from the University of Texas at Austin. She is the founder of Independent Identity. She has a decade of experience teaching and providing services to individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities as an ABA provider and high school life skills special education teacher. 

Jenna is the fonunder and creator of Indepdent Identity, a program aimed at helping adults with disabilities receive community and indepdent living skills. She is the President of the Austin area special interest group for local BCBAs, ATX ABA. 


Jessie is a Licensed Board Certified Behavior Analyst who works at Region 13


Ben is a doctoral-level board certified behavior analyst who completed his PhD in Special Education from Ball State University, earned his M.A.’s in ABA and Educational Psychology from Ball State University, and his B.A. in Psychology from Purdue University. He is an instructor for the ABA program at Ball State University and is the Principal and Founder of Collaborate ABA. 


Ben has been working in the field of ABA since 2003 and has been fortunate to work under the guidance of Dr. Susan Wilczynski, Dr. Carl Sundberg, Dr. Patrick McGreevy, Dr. Mark Sundberg, Dr. John Esch, Dr. Barbera Esch, and Dr. Peter Gerhardt. He has experience working with all ages in home programs, schools, and center-based therapy. Ben works with individuals of all ages; however, he specializes in working with adolescents and adults.  


Ben met his wife Karie (also a BCBA!) while working at the Behavior Analysis Center for Autism in Indiana. Ben and Karie moved to Austin, Texas in 2014 and have been thankful for the warmer Texas winters! Ben and Karie have a son named Jordan and they enjoy spending a lot of time together as a family. They love college football, going to movies, and spending time with family. 


Misty Gilbert-Romo is originally from the small town (500 people small) of Le Roy, Kansas. She moved to Austin in 2017 after an ABA/RBT job "fell on her lap" upon graduating with her bachelor's degree from the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk!). Misty worked as an RBT from 2017-2020 in a variety of settings serving a variety of ages, primarily children ages 2-14, while completing her Master's degree at KU and accruing experience hours to become a BCBA. Misty has been an active member of ATX ABA SIG since her RBT days (starting in 2019) after wanting to be part of and assist in growing a community of like minded professionals and advocates. In doing so, she helped advocate for a motion for RBTs to become official voting members of ATX ABA SIG, of which was passed. 

Misty has been a BCBA since 2020 and currently works as a Senior BCBA at the ABC Pflugerville clinic. Misty is passionate about providing "televisable" compassionate ABA practices, providing quality supervision, and learning something new every day to grow her clinical skill set, with her specialties including: PEAK, ACT, supervising candidates pursuing their BCBA certification, and utilizing the PFA/SBT approach (of which she has recently received mentorship from members of Dr. Greg Hanley's team to ensure clinical integrity of these practice). In her free time, Misty enjoys spending time with her husband and family/friends, eating all the Tex-Mex Austin has to offer, reading, learning new things, attempting to keep her plants alive, traveling, cheering on her favorite teams (including her two time Alma Mater KU) in all things sports, and adventuring with their two dogs, "Rufus" (their stubborn Corgi) and "Oso" (their mellow GoldenDoodle). 


Natalija Milutinovic graduated from Southwestern University in 2006 with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. Natalija's interest in the field began prior to this, when a close family member was diagnosed with Autism. As she learned about various available treatments for individuals with disabilities, she became passionate about ABA. In 2008, she started working with an early childhood population, and has not stopped since. Natalija completed her Master’s degree in Special Education in 2009 from Texas State University and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in 2011. Natalija’s experience in the field includes program implementation in the home, community, tele-health, and clinical settings, with a variety of learners ranging from 18 months – 20 years of age. Natalija also supervises staff and oversees ABA programs in Serbia utilizing tele-health services in order to increase awareness and understanding of ABA. 

Natalija is currently a Chief Training Officer at Children's Autism Center. She trains graduate students who are completing their fieldwork experience to sit for the board exam. Through the apprenticeship program, Natalija meets with her supervisees to establish short and long term goals, leads weekly group meetings, organizes monthly all-staff meetings, collaborates with trainers, helps create applied projects, and leads interviews with experts in the field. Natalija also heads research projects at CAC in collaboration with Arizona State University (ASU). She continues to advocate for, hang out with, and support her adult family member with Autism. During her spare time Natalija enjoys hanging out with her daughter, husband and dog, doing yoga, watching true crime documentaries and listening to podcasts. 


Jennifer Lopez is a board certified behavior analyst who completed her Masters degree in in Special Education from Texas State University, and her B.A. in Psychology from Texas A&M International University.


Jennifer began working in the field of special education at the young ripe age of 16 where a local teach of hers offered her a babysitting job for her two boys with different abilities. Being a young ambitious girl, Jennifer took the job with no prior experience and has not stopped working with different abled individuals since! 

Jennifer earned her bachelor's degree in psychology and knew she wanted to help people but did not know in what capacity. Until, one day she stubbled across individuals who she was serving requesting ABA in Spanish. At that point, it was a calling. Jennifer being a Spanish speaker knew she wanted to help those in need especially in Spanish! 

Since then, Jennifer has been a BCBA since 2020 and currently works as a Senior Supervisor at Bluebonnet Trails Community Services and serves as a consultant for a Youth Respite Facility at Bluebonnet Trails Community Services. Jennifer supervises RBT's in the community, in their homes, or in the clinic. Jennifer's experience ranges from ages 18 months to 18 years old. Jennifer continues to provide therapeutically sound interventions that are focused on being trauma informed to those she serves. 

In her free time, Jennifer also runs several successful businesses including a ABA MEME page, is a fitness trainer, and photography business she does when she is not supervising RBT's or providing ABA therapy!