Our Services


Ateneo CODE caters to the needs of its clients with services that are tailor-fit to their specific needs instead of executing generalized programs. Ateneo CODE does heavy research to ensure that the services that it will deliver to clients are unique and exceptional.

Short-Term Engagements

Short-Term Engagements are engagements that aim to train, develop and strengthen knowledge, skills, and attitudes of the members of the client organization. We take great time and effort to deliver appropriate modules to the clients’ contexts, as long as they are in the realm of Organization Development. Examples of short-term engagements include leadership training, specialized skills training, and team-building sessions. These usually span 2-3 sessions and focus on behavioral change within the context of an organization.  

Long-Term Engagements

Long-Term Engagements are engagements that tackle structural aspects of the organization by guiding the client through discussions and offering valuable insight. The following are examples of topics covered in Long-Term Engagements: Vision and Mission; Organizational Diagnosis; Constitution; Code of Internal Procedures; Processes, Systems, and Structures; and Member Development and Retention Programs.

Consultancy Teams

Consultancy Teams are engagements that focus on organizational-wide issues. Playing a more advisory and facilitative role, we aim to help the client come up with a plan of action by the end of the engagement. This is a relatively new service offered by Ateneo CODE, led by a smaller, more flexible team.