Youth Huddle

What is Youth Huddle?

Youth Huddle (also known as “YH”) 2023 is a lecture and workshop program with topics on Organization Development geared towards youth leaders from Senior High to College levels nationwide. It is Ateneo CODE’s youngest flagship project with a focus on giving individuals the opportunity to (1) reflect on their leadership experiences and evaluate their potential for impact, (2) learn about OD practices and tools, and (3) collaborate with CODErs and fellow youth leaders. The goal of Youth Huddle is to curate a meaningful experience for Filipino student leaders while filling in accessibility gaps in CODE.

In 2023, YH combined the innovation of the online set-up with the opportunities for safe, meaningful face-to-face interactions through a Flex-Hybrid system. Both fully online and hybrid participants went through a week’s worth of engaging activities. Lectures and modules were delivered by a curated set of speakers and facilitated by our very own CODErs to ensure only the best learning environment we can provide.


Youth Huddle 2023: Reconnecting Roots

Youth Huddle 2023 realized the value of establishing both enduring fundamental goals and interrelationships in service and leadership. Through strengthening individual identity, youth leaders can anchor themselves on resilient senses of purpose that continue to persist when motivation is exhausted. Revisiting the importance of one’s “Why” in forming the foundations of advocacies and action, the hope is that they positively impact the community by inspiring conscious change. 

With empathy at its core, Youth Huddle 2023: Reconnecting Roots challenged youth leaders to find the spark to empower themselves and others.

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