Ateneo CODE

Ateneo Consultants for Organization Development and Empowerment

What is Ateneo CODE?

Ateneo CODE is a youth-led, non-profit organization, that conducts contextualized Organization Development (OD) services to empower youth organizations to better serve the nation.

The organization caters to the needs of its clients with services that are tailor-fit to their current context. Ateneo CODE offers short-term engagements, long-term engagements, and consultancy teams. Learn which would be best fit for your organization under our services.


We, the Ateneo Consultants for Organization Development and Empowerment, imbued with Ignatian Values, envision a society of developed individuals by forming sustainable environments conducive for people to flourish. Through the practice of Organization Development, we aim to form the Youth and Youth-Oriented Organizations who will initiate positive change within the community


Our mission is to empower the youth to continually develop their organizations and engage in nation-building. This is achieved through the promotion of Organization Development (OD) and implementation of contextualized OD services by our trained consultants.


Consultant Development

Ateneo CODE provides opportunities for its members to grow, develop, and be rooted in CODE’s Vision as consultants who are competent in the field of Organization Development.

Application of OD

CODE Consultants use and apply the concepts of Organization Development within the context of both client interventions and internal efforts.

Organization Health

Ateneo CODE promotes and advocates an environment that is sustainable and conducive for organizations and communities to flourish.


Organization Development (OD) is a process of planned change in an organization’s culture. Then such entails a focus on increasing the organization’s effectiveness and health through planned interventions. These efforts aim to help the organizations adapt to changes, with the help of consultants.

It is a tool that Ateneo CODE uses to pursue its advocacy of planned change and empowerment for the organizations. We continuously build on our capabilities as OD consultants through avenues for constant research and practice. We do all of this to ensure that the youth we serve are empowered with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to initiate and sustain positive change in their respective organizations.