Assisteens of Anaheim

What is the Assisteens of Anaheim?

The Assisteens of Anaheim institution offers girls and boys from grades 7 through 12 the opportunity to volunteer within their community and develop leadership and organizational skills. It is an auxiliary of a larger organization, the Assistance League of Anaheim.

We are a nonprofit volunteer organization dedicated to providing services to enrich and improve the quality of life within our community.

Members gain priceless experience by volunteering in different environments, ranging from senior communities to food banks.

What we do

At Assisteens, we volunteer and collaborate with various organizations. Each volunteer event provides a unique opportunity. We volunteer at Senior Communities, Food Banks, the Ronald McDonald Baking house, schools, etc.

It helps build good qualities such as teamwork and leadership. The requirement is that every member is required to coordinate an event with an organization and organize an event. This helps the boys and girls take on a leadership role.

The Assisteens of Anaheim has monthly meetings in which we discuss upcoming events and how we have helped the community.