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Hey there! If you're reading this, then that means you're curious about my commissions and maybe interesting in snagging a spot for a drawing or two...or three....or whatever your desire number is. I offer quality drawings at fair prices. While I take into consideration of the value of my work, time, and experience into drawings when it come to my prices like many other artists would do as well, I also think about the clients and try to keep my prices friendly and fair.

Announcements & Featured Artwork

Bleux Commissions Examples

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Commissions Are...

If you are ready to purchase your commission, go to the "Place My Order" tab and follow the directions from there. You can check out the other tabs to view if you need to find out more information about my commissions.

If you want to see the commission queue to check on the status of your commission, click on the link below.

Commission Queue

What Do I Draw?

I can draw pretty much anything and I'm even up to the challenge of trying out new things. At this time, I am mostly making 2D drawings that range from semi-realistic to "toony". I can draw in other various styles like "Disney", "Regular Show", anime, etc. as well. I can draw any species, even humans, as well as I can draw various machines and items. Even if i haven't drawn a particular subject or style before, I'm always up for the challenge to getting it drawn. When it comes to detail drawings, landscapes and backgrounds I can work really well with.

Type of Commissions/Art Styles I Can Draw

  • Semi-realistic (Bleux)
  • Toony
  • Urban Dynamic (UD)

Future Types of Commissions/Art Styles Being Considered

  • Anime
  • Realistic
  • 3D
  • Animation

Any other specific styles not listed can be inquired about, just ask about them! To see more price details, go to the Price Rate tab and click on which type of commission you would like to view more details on. More types of commissions are available that are not listed in the price chart! And if you are interested in receiving deals on commissions, check out my Patreon which can be found in the Support & Donations section.

Also if you are interested in seeing more of my works that's not on this site, feel free to check out my other social media accounts that can be found in the Contacts section.

Thank you for all the support for my art works & my continuous improvement to make them even better!

- Bleuxwolf