artCORE is a comprehensive foundation in the visual arts. Organized as a series of integrated studios -- including Drawing, 2D, Color, 3D, Digital Media, and Expanded Arts -- the curriculum provides a solid basis for advanced work in studio production, art history, and art education.  While centered on specific studio production areas, the curriculum as a whole is integrated around a series of themes and embedded in a pedagogical philosophy of inquiry-based learning to facilitate creative problem solving, critical thinking, and broad-based historical and cultural awareness.  

These materials have been developed with the generous input and insight of artists, teachers, and scholars from a variety of institutions and are made available for free to individuals or institutions of higher learning upon request.  

The author of this curriculum, Dr. Dan Collins, is currently the President of the Board of the Telluride Institute, a non-profit 501c3 in Telluride, Colorado devoted to innovative programs in education, the arts, and environmental science.