Summer Running Series

Summer Running Series

2024June 8th - July 14th - August 3rd

The Summer Running Series is our second biggest event we do. As of this moment, we are currently planning are hosting the event in 2024! We are in the 27th annual of the series — which consists of 3 races spread out over the summer months. Each one has a different aspect to it. But each race you will receive a t-shirt and free refreshments. We also do a medal ceremony at the end of the last race for all the kids that ran in each of the 3 races. Print off the application HERE!

If you run all three races you get a medal for your hard work and dedication.

The first race is in June — the Alton Road Runners Family Run — 26th annual — June 8th, 2024. This years race will be held at Belk Park in Wood River, IL. This race has a 1/4 mile run for 6 and under kids, followed by a 1/2 mile for 7-14 year old's, then followed by an adult 1 Mile run — races start at 9AM. You get the series t-shirt and there will also be some form of refreshments free to all participants and their family members who come out to run.  

The second run is in its 43rd annual — July 14th, 2024 — the Hit-N-Run Pee Wee Run — which will be held at Gordon Moore Park in Alton, IL. This event is held on a Sunday morning at 8AM but don’t worry, we are always done in time for you to make it to church if you need to go. This race is one of the oldest kids races in the nation. It comes with a 1/4 mile run for 6 & under and a 1/2 mile run for 7-14 year old kids. There are free drinks for everyone, as well as an awesome t-shirt and a bag full of goodies for each runner!

Our last race in the series is most of the kids favorites. The 26th annual Dash n Glow — August 3rd, 2024 — held at the track at East Alton Wood River High School. All of races are run on the track with again a 1/4 mile run for 6 and under and a 1/2 mile run for 7-14 year olds — followed by a mile run for 15+ — races start at 6pm. This race also features free hot dogs to all and free drinks to all. You also can pick up some free glow sticks or get your face painted. It is a great family event and always our biggest race of the summer.