Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  What is this?  Decorative brass object found in the dancehall during the first week of the restoration project.

Meaning of Chinese characters is: 


(Translation thanks to our friend Joanna Li)

2. Who are you?

We've been wondering that our whole lives! 😁 Here's a few facts:  Longtime residents of Seattle, semi-retired from careers of landscape designer/environmental educator (Emily) and record producer-engineer/record label owner (Uno), who love cats, baseball, and birds, and moved to Arivaca in 2016.

3. Why are you doing this?

Emily has been in love with the dancehall building since our first visit to Arivaca in 1993, during her prior career as a remodeling/restoration project manager.  When architect Nell Smets (who had already done some major restoration and improvement projects on the property from 2016-2019) decided to sell the property, it felt like fate was stepping in to deliver a project for us to do together that reflects our love of music and the arts in general, and of Arivaca...  and it was a ton of work but the restoration project is completed!  

Of course there are always going to be building and landscape projects to tinker with in years to come...  but it feels great to be able to just focus our energy on the fun of hosting community events!

5.  What is the dancehall being used for?

The phrase "multi-purpose community arts and event center" seems to describe it pretty well!  So far, there have been music performances of all kinds, dance classes, banquets, storytelling events, movies, and more inside the dancehall, with its gleaming oak and maple floor and historic photos lining the walls.

The Pollinator Pathway Garden areas are well-established now, and have been the site of art-making events, garden and nature education, Earth Day celebrations, a "Halloween Haunted Garden" adventure, campfire sing-alongs, and more.  

The office/dressing room building has been a comfy place to hang out for musicians, bridal parties, etc.  Now there's also an awesome mural on three sides of the restroom building, and the beginning of a sculpture garden too!  

We also look forward to hosting many more events and to renting out the dancehall for quinceañeras, other family gatherings, and more! 

Visit the Your Input! page for a compiled list of all the event ideas that we've dreamed up and/or that other Arivacans have envisioned and shared with us.  We also welcome you to send your ideas to us at