Audition Information

"Act well your part; there all the honor lies"

Auditions and interviews can be a very exciting and stressful experience for actors, technicians, and supporters alike! The following information is intended to help you and your student navigate through the audition and interview process.

MISSION: We firmly believe that there is a place for every interested student to be involved with the Peak Players. This does not mean that you will always be placed in your number one choice of role, but that if you are interested in being a part of the team, we will find a place for you. Students may audition for roles in the cast, interview for positions on the crew, take theatre arts classes, or sign up to take the technical theatre class (sophomores and above) - and of course, a show is not possible without a supportive audience! Each of these roles is equally important.


1. The success of your audition should be determined by your own perception of whether or not you put in your very best effort and did the best you could under the circumstances. The success of your audition should not be determined by whether or not you are cast, or cast in your first choice of role.

2. The best way to feel proud of your audition is to prepare early and practice often! This will help you to overcome nerves when you get on stage.

3. Take your time in filling out the audition form - it is very important that you list all of your conflicts throughout the rehearsal process, and are honest about whether or not you will accept any role.

4. The best way to get involved is to audition and interview for a position on the crew. This shows that you are committed to the ensemble and are willing to help in any way to make the production great!

5. We encourage you and your student to talk about the subjective nature of casting. Each director has their own vision of a show, and you could audition for the same show with three different directors and be cast in three different roles! This can be frustrating for young actors, but it helps us to learn that the only thing we can do is to make sure we are professional and prepared, and the rest is not up to us. This is the case for casting, but also for job interviews, college applications, etc - practicing resilience now can help us to be more prepared in the future : )

In auditions, we consider the following things when making decisions (in no particular order)

Please note that seniority is not one of the primary considerations in casting.


Our goal is to find a place on the crew for every student who interviews. Your specific position on the crew is based on the following considerations (in no particular order):

Please note that seniority is not one of the primary considerations in crew placement.