In Marrakech I bought four iron stones said to be meteorites. They are stones but slightly magnetic and have what could be ablation marks. Of course they could be haematite in some form and I suppose the likelihood is that they are.

I bought them from a tourist shop of a man whom I think believes they are meteorites. He told me in conspiratorial whispers in French that he bought 8 from a man who sold them to him as meteorites from the Sahara, from a zone controlled by soldiers. He does not know the name of the man nor where exactly they come from other than the Sahara, but he says the man was a specialist in stones.

 He was dressed as a man of faith and was interested in my interest in meteorites as emenating from the Cosmos.

 I have ground down edges on Stones 1 and 2.

Here are pictures I took in natural light through a circular polarised filter (the right hand eyepiece of 3-D spectacles).

Stone 1, 2, 3

I could see that they are ablated as if by flying through the air and they are slightly magnetic.

Well, I'm told by a scientist who knows about these things that they are Meteor-Wrongs. And a vulcanologist who looked at the pictures has  explained that, almost certainly, they came from a volcano on Earth.