Details of my academic writing including work in development of my MA and M Phil can be found by searching my name and the phrase "Independent Researcher" at the websites:  


"Культура Космоса" is my MA by Independent Study. It is my thesis that the Russian cultural experience of space exploration exhibits certain unique characteristics which distinguish it from the Anglo-American history of space exploration that is so familiar to us in the UK . 

Following this theme, my M Phil thesis, "The Chinese Space Programme in the Public Conversation about Space" is here:

My latest book "Letters from Radio Moscow: and other essays about the USSR" is published on Amazon.

This section of my website now (December 2009)  includes a visual exhibition in support of this thesis. A draft (copyright!) of this interactive powerpoint presentation is now available for downloading below. It takes the form of an exploration of the "Icon Corner", also known as the "Holy Corner" or, latterday, "Lenin Corner".


Jumping ahead, here is the icon corner on the ISS/MKC (see well as Gagarin I think I can see Korolev (left) and Tsiolkovsky (far right, bottom shelf), alongside the Orthodox icons.