The Tour!

Starting August 2024

Hello Teachers! 

In preparation for my visit, please take a moment to scroll to the end of this page. Read through the questions, watch the videos, and learn a little about my project. 

If you read about it before I arrive, then we can do more with the time we have together! I can hardly wait to meet you and find out about your motivations for becoming a teacher. We all have stories to share! Hope is in the sharing and collaborating! 

See you soon! 

Janet Lee


What is your story? 

What is your philosophy of teaching?

This is a photo of the book cover, for Always Ask for Help. It depicts a children's rendition of a heart with many different layers emanating out. The heart drawing is in another book cover with headphones around the book. The book is by Arnie Stewart and Janet Lee

All media are constructs. The cover of our book is a media construct meant to elicit action for the reader. 

The image was thoughtfully created to welcome the reader and send a message. 

An adult man reads Always Ask for Help while listening to the audio with headphones.

Always Ask for Help

This text is accompanied by an audiobook of Arnie's actual voice. Use the book in its entirety as an adventure story or use it in parts to engage students in the fascinating story of a man who bluffed his way through life not knowing how to read and write. 

Think about how hearing the story as you read might change your experience with the content. 

Arnie's Thoughts

I captured this video segment from Arnie in 2008. He is inspired by the saying on a wing I gave him. "Do the thing you think you cannot do." This is one of my favorite videos. 

Back to School

What is back to school like for you? How might Arnie's back to school story help you to notice those who need your help and attention? 

Here is a sample KWL chart for you to record your thoughts. 

This is my documentary film team. One of these team members was my high school student. Stephanie Austin is on the left. It is a thrill for me to work with her as an adult! 

Make an inference - How are these photos related? 

Now that you have explored these resources, what questions do you have for Janet Lee?