Encouraging Writers

Getting students to write can be a challenge. It is not that the act of writing is so difficult, it is because by the time students are sitting in your classroom, they have already decided whether or not they are good at writing. These ideas come from external sources. Comments from teachers top the list. 


Start by surveying students. Ask, are you a good writer? What makes a good writer? 

Collect all surveys. Measure these responses again later in the year. Challenge yourself to shift their thinking about writing.

The Sorter

Give students a tool that they can use for any type of writing. All you need are some post-it's and a standard prompt. Start with something easy like, what season do you like best? Or what is your perfect Saturday.

Be a Model

Are YOU a writer? Students respond to people who are walking the walk of being a writer. Get yourself a notebook (find the cheapest one EVER) and start keeping a journal. Show them that you write. Get in the habit! 

"If Arnie had the tools to write about his life. If only he had someone to listen. If only he could have had a good role model. Someone who noticed him and valued his life. Maybe things would have turned out differently." Janet Lee