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Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering at IST.

Faculty member at IST since March 1996 (currently Associate Professor)

Senior Researcher at ISR-Lisboa.

Adjunct Coordinator of the Computer and Robot Vision (VisLab).

Research Interests

My main research interests focus on the application of computer vision, cognitive science, control theory and machine learning to advanced robotic and surveillance systems.

Computer Vision: object detection, recognition and tracking; human-computer interfaces; video surveillance.

Biological Vision: visual features; visual attention; oculomotor control; foveal vision; visual architectures.

Visual Learning: object and activity models from examples, self-organizing visual representations.

Robot Vision: visual servoing; visual navigation; vision for manipulation; human-robot interaction.

Robot Learning: sensorimotor learning; learning of causal models; active learning; Bayesian learning.

Humanoid Robotics: as an integrating discipline of multiple fields in complex systems (perception, learning, artificial intelligence, control theory, dynamical systems).

Cognitive Systems: as inspiration for engineering applications and for building computational models for uncovering the mechanisms of perception and intelligence in living systems.


I've published works on foveal sensors, visual attention and stereo, image feature extraction, binocular head control, image based tracking and identification, learning object affordances, sensorimotor coordination, human activity recognition, among other topics.

You can find online versions of most of the following publications at the VisLab publications page

Journal Papers
Book Chapters
Conference Papers

Past Students

Here is a list of the PhD and MSc works of my dear students, from whom I learned so much.

Supervised PhD Theses
Supervised MSc Theses


I have been participating in many national and international projects involving both academic and industrial partners.

The topics include Humanoid Robots, Service Robots, Surveillance Systems, Dexterous Manipulation, Traffic Monitoring, Modeling Mirror Neurons, among others.



Here I list some documents or links for information of interest for students and collaborators.

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