Alexander Technique for professional development

"I am a professional actor, who works across the country in classical and contemporary theatre, and I would recommend Gaby to any performer seeking greater knowledge of their own coordination and physical presentation, and ultimately greater freedom, depth, and flexibility in their work." (Caroline Cave)

"Alexander Technique provided me with exactly the kind of help I needed. After three months of lessons, highly noticeable ease began to return to my posture and my singing." (Sandra Head)

"I want to thank you for helping me become reconnected with my body. Your techniques are simple but quite life changing and provide deep reflection with physical results." (Gregory Samek)

Alexander Technique for health and well-being

"I walk into [Gaby's Alexander Technique Centre] office a two-dimensional being and walk out a three-dimensional one. I feel like Clarke Kent entering the telephone booth as a puny human and flying out as Superman." (Lisa Brocklebank)

"My first lesson with Gaby was a positive and uplifting experience. I felt a buoyant energy move along my spine as I responded to her verbal and hands-on directions. At the end of the first lesson, I was amazed to see a long supple back in the mirror, so different from the tensely held one I had entered the room with."(Cheryl Steinhauer)

"[I had a] very cool moment! Definitely gives us a glimpse in just how incredibly our bodies affect the [bodies of the horses we ride], and our communication. I know we "know" this, but to feel it was so awesome." (Kirsten W)