Publications and media

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Recent Publications by Gaby Minnes Brandes

Article about Alexander Technique and Actors:

(Brandes, G.M. 2012)

Articles about applying Alexander Technique principles with a high school choir:

(Brandes, G.M. 2008) and (Brandes, G.M. & Dionne, K.P., 2008)

Article about teacher training in the Alexander Technique:

(Brandes. M. G., Bassan, N, Kilroy, R. Moore, D., & Stern, J. C. 2008)

Article on the Alexander Technique and teaching music (Brandes, G.M. & Davis, C., 2007)

Alexander Technique in the News

Feature on the Alexander Technique by CTV's Dr. Rhonda Low on YouTube

Feature article on the Alexander Technique in MingPao (2009)

Scientific article on the Technique and back pain (Little, P. et al., 2008); associated CANSTAT press release (2008)

Newspaper article about Alexander Technique and back pain (Globe and Mail, 2008)