Gabriella Minnes Brandes

Gabriella Minnes Brandes, Ph.D., has maintained an active private practice since 1988, and is the owner of the Alexander Technique Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia. She is also currently teaching the Technique in the Theatre Department at Capilano University. As well, Gaby teaches Alexander Technique in the Young Artists Program at the Vancouver Opera, and at the Pender Island Flute Retreat.

Gaby works extensively with musicians, singers, actors and horseback riders. She collaborates with voice, movement and acting instructors, focusing on the application of the Alexander Technique, as performers are encouraged to explore, experiment with, and reflect on their habitual patterns, and seek effective and efficient ways of using themselves and their voice to enhance their training and performance.

Much of Gaby's current work and research focuses on exploring the connections between Alexander Technique and creativity as it pertains to performers. Informed by her Ph.D. and research in education, she is also exploring the connections between current educational research and Alexander teacher training.

She has taught courses in the Alexander Technique at post-secondary institutions (University of British Columbia Faculty of Education, Capilano University Theatre Department and Jazz Studies). Gaby has taught the Alexander Technique in elementary and secondary schools. She also collaborates closely with orthopedic surgeons, rheumatologists, chiropractors, neurologists, and family physicians, who refer patients for Alexander Technique lessons. She conducts workshops in Israel, the US, and Canada.

Gaby graduated from a three year, STAT certified, teacher training course in 1988 in Haifa, Israel. Her teachers include Rivka Cohen and Nilly Bassan, in Israel, Patrick MacDonald and Marjorie Barlow in England.

Gaby is a member of the Canadian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (CANSTAT), a member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT, UK), and The American Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (AmSAT). Gaby is the past president of CANSTAT (Canada). Gaby was also the co-director of The Vancouver School of the Alexander Technique, a CANSTAT certified, three year, teacher training course.

Gaby has presented in various professional international conferences, where she ran workshops in Alexander Technique. She has published numerous papers about the Alexander Technique and its applications (see links below). She had served on the Professional Development Committee and the Teacher Training Committee of CANSTAT and had been an elected director on council.

One of the most important elements in her work has been on-going professional development. She sees continuous exploration of her own practice as an essential and integral part of her work in the Technique. Gaby conducted different research projects looking at Alexander teaching training, musicians and creativity, and working with actors using the Alexander Technique. She was the recipient of the AmSAT research grant to support her work. She has worked with Alexander teachers in Vancouver, Israel, the USA and UK. She has also had the opportunity to be a guest instructor in Alexander teacher training programs in Boston, Toronto, Cincinnati, and Haifa.

Gaby also holds a BA in Hebrew and English Literature, an MA in Education and a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction. She taught for twenty years in the Faculty of Education at UBC and currently teaches Alexander Technique in the Theatre Department at Capilano University.