CS COVID-19 Resources

Computer Science Resources for Learning During COVID-19

Resources complied by CSTA for teachers moving to distance learning during COVID-19. Resources include: moving to online learning, PD resources, and student activities.

Code.org is working with Amazon and the College Board to help ensure students who need laptops at home can finish their AP computer science course and take the exam this year. Students can register at https://collegeboard.tfaforms.net/74. Availability is limited to a first-come, first-served basis. They can use it for the AP exam and keep it afterwards - it’s their laptop to inspire ongoing learning.

More information from Amazon can be found here: Amazon AP CS Blog

CTE RESOURCES: Virtual labs, simulations and interactive learning objects complied during COVID-19

Code.org - Learning Computer Science when schools are closed. There are also resources to help teachers who are mid-course during this time.

The online provider of coding classes is offering 10,000 full scholarships to CodeAcademy Pro to high school and college students for the rest of the year.

UTeach is excited to offer free access to UTeach AP CSP Performance Task instructional materials to all teachers.

These teaching modules for the Create and Explore Performance Task include all pacing guides, lesson plans, student worksheets, and review materials. UTeach instructional materials can be easily downloaded for use on numerous online learning management systems, allowing teachers to differentiate instruction for a variety of remote learning environments.

Cornell Tech provides CS lessons for kids at home

Amazon supports free computer science during COVID-19, with a the growing list of resources.

Mouse.org is offering free coding lessons for students learning from home.

Researchers from across MIT Media Lab (the creators of Scratch) are tapping into their creativity and expertise to find ways to help during the COVID-19 pandemic. From sensors and wearable technologies to app development to creative learning and engagement, the Lab is working across disciplines, connecting with institutes and communities to develop tools and solutions at the intersection of humanity and technology.

Discovery Education today introduces Coding to U.S. educators. Coding is a complete digital service supporting coding education at the elementary and middle school levels. Beginning today, all current users of Discovery Education Experience will receive free access to Coding through the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year so that educators can provide remote learners engaging, extended learning opportunities.

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Please note, these resources are suggestions and not mandatory assignments.