Thomas Ch 7 LPs 2018 19

Directions & Places Time

Each unit has basically the same formula.

Pick and choose what you would like to do and/or have the time to do.


      • Show the videos on the main page and/or search and show ones you like.


    • Students fill out French only on backs of flashcards
      • flashcards should not leave classroom
      • Play
        • Montrez-moi (listening)
        • Loto (listening, speaking)
        • Toutes Blanches (listening, speaking)
        • Frappe-Frappe (listening)
        • Autour de moi (speaking)
        • Travel (listening, speaking)
        • Avalanche (writing)


    • Flashcard mode
      • Repeat & Recognize
      • Q & A
    • Homework options-Learn, Write, Speller
    • "Hot Seat" in Flashcard mode
    • "Marathon" in Flashcard mode
    • LIVE
      • French to English
      • English to French
    • "Test" mode
    • Print PDF of "Test" mode
    • "Written Mastery"
      • A combo of tech and hand-writing on paper
        • Student sees English and/or image on shuffled set, hand-writes answer on paper, flips card to confirm, "stars" the card that is not yet mastered on the Quizlet set, goes through whole set, then goes to "starred" and does it all over again.


    • Explore them


    • Do together as a class and/or assign for homework


    • Listening and reading skills will have been handled with the flashcards, Quizlet sets and workbook
      • Write your own listening and reading assessments if desired
    • Quiz and/or test on speaking and writing skills
      • Use the ones in the teachers' guide and/or write your own

The video links are samples of the activity and not actually the "directions/places/time" video.

It's just for you to get an idea of the game.

Day 1

  • Note: the flashcards should have been started after the students took the clothing quiz
  • Correct 3 typos on flashcards and pages 92-93
        • "au but" change to "au bout" p. 92
        • "en haute" change to "en haut" p. 92
        • "premier" change to "première" p. 93
        • add "la rue" to page 93
    • finish flashcards
    • check them and start "Montrez-moi"
    • homework is directions Quizlet 1 Learn & Speller Online Proof

Day 2

  • Check homework
  • do "Double Baby Bingo" (two 3X3 set up= 18 cards w/ 2 left over)
  • "Toutes Blanches"
  • "Avalanche"
  • Time left over? Do "Fake Whiteboard" - All start w/ perfect score of 10 pts, pull up Quizlet 1, shuffle, show English, they write French, turn English card to show answer take off points for vocab (-1) & spelling (-.25), show "fake score" at end
  • Homework is Quizlet 2 Directions Learn & Speller

Day 3

  • Check homework
  • Real Whiteboard w/ Quizlet 1 (10 points in grade book)
  • "Autour de moi"
    • Groupes bleu & blanc form circle around teacher
    • teacher faces groupe rouge (who is sitting & watching)
    • Teacher has color flashcards in hand and asks person straight ahead in circle what the answer is & says "Bougez" for the next person to be asked.
    • Once all in the circle have been asked, groupe bleu people sit, groupe rouge people stand and teacher faces group bleu people who are sitting down (it's so teacher can keep an eye on everyone...)
    • Once the circle is done, "blanc" sits and "bleu" comes back in-that way all students answer 2 cards
  • "Hot seat" (6 point oral grade)
    • For "hot seat" the class has a task (homework??) while one person at a time is in the hot seat and recognizes 3 random cards from Quizlet 1
      • This is worth 6 points for an oral grade
      • Teacher uses Quizlet 1, hits shuffle and hits "play"
        • Student must id 10 cards (5 seconds before Quizlet turns card over
        • If student gets all 10 right w/in the automatic 5 seconds, student exempts the oral quiz and makes a perfect score on it

Day 4

the other student must re-create it by listening

Ch 7 Student Haring Art Sample.pdf

Day 5

Day 6

  • Written and oral quizzes on "Directions"
  • Start making "Places" flashcards (use Quizlet sets 3,4,5)
  • Continue this 5-day formula for "Places" and "Time" (12 days)

For "TIME", the flashcards aren't obvious, so write them on the board like this: