Thomas Ch 1 LPs 2018 19

School Supplies & Commands

Each unit has basically the same formula.

Pick and choose what you would like to do and/or have the time to do.


      • Show the videos on the main page and/or search and show ones you like.


    • Students fill out French only on backs of flashcards
      • flashcards should not leave classroom
      • Play
        • Montrez-moi (listening)
        • Loto (listening, speaking)
        • Toutes Blanches (listening, speaking)
        • Frappe-Frappe (listening)
        • Autour de moi (speaking)
        • Travel (listening, speaking)
        • Avalanche (writing)


    • Flashcard mode
      • Repeat & Recognize
      • Q & A
    • Homework options-Learn, Write, Speller
    • "Hot Seat" in Flashcard mode
    • "Marathon" in Flashcard mode
    • LIVE
      • French to English
      • English to French
    • "Test" mode
    • Print PDF of "Test" mode
    • "Written Mastery"
      • A combo of tech and hand-writing on paper
        • Student sees English and/or image on shuffled set, hand-writes answer on paper, flips card to confirm, "stars" the card that is not yet mastered on the Quizlet set, goes through whole set, then goes to "starred" and does it all over again.


    • Explore them


    • Do together as a class and/or assign for homework


    • Listening and reading skills will have been handled with the flashcards, Quizlet sets and workbook
      • Write your own listening and reading assessments if desired
    • Quiz and/or test on speaking and writing skills
      • Use the ones in the teachers' guide and/or write your own

Day 0:

Day 1:

  • Check school supply flashcards for completion
  • Go over pages 18-20
  • School supply flashcard accuracy activity
  • Homework: School supplies French-English
    • 2 Online proofs:
      • Learn-Speak it (all right)
      • Speller (85% complete or more)

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

Day 6:

  • School supplies written and oral quizzes
  • Notes on borrowing school supplies-p. 15
  • Hand-write 2X

Day 7:

Day 9:

Day 10:

Day 12:

Day 14:

  • Finish Commands role play
  • School commands "Hot Seat" w/ Q1 or Q2 (shuffle, press play-do 1st three-6 pt oral grade)
  • School commands "Marathon" w/ Q1 or Q2 (shuffle, press play-do 1st 10-no grade)
  • Homework: write borrowing dialog

Day 15:

  • School commands oral quiz
  • Review for Ch 1 Test
    • Practice borrowing
    • Go over borrowing dialogs
      • Peer correct and present on SmartBoard/Projector

Day 16:

  • Written TEST on chapter 1
  • (school supplies, borrowing and commands)
  • Start on Francophone Notes, p. 27
  • Do pages 28-29