Adult Literacy:

Researching, Teaching and Assessing Reading and Writing Skills

in Multilingual Contexts

TU Braunschweig

29.09. - 30.09.2022

GAL Research School

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The research school is designed to cover the interests of advanced Master or doctoral students who already work on a particular research topic in the field of adult literacy and search additional guidance with regard to research methods. It will also be beneficial for those students who are just setting the foot in this rapidly growing research field. The research school should become a platform for collaboration of younger and senior scholars interested in issues related to instructed or unguided acquisition of literacy skills in multilingual adults as well as their efficiency in using those skills in various communicative contexts.

The research school will be taking place on two consecutive days (September 29th and September 30th). It will include sessions with experts in the field of adult literacy who will showcase different methods for researching literacy skills and their acquisition. They will share their own research and provide valuable insights into the topic of literacy in multilingual contexts.

Alongside the sessions from renowned scholars in the field, the research school will encourage contributions from the attendees in form of flash talks that will receive attention during the participant round table. Presentations in English or in German are welcome. A separate workshop for practitioners who work in the field of teaching literacy skills to L2 adults will be offered on the first research school day.


Professor of German Linguistics

TU Braunschweig

Professor of Second Language Acquisition

Newcastle University

University Professor for Language Education and Migration-Driven Multilingualism

PH Oberösterreich

Assistant Professor

Department of Linguistics and Languages

MacMaster University

Full Professor

Division of Psychology

College of Staten Island

The City University of New York

Dr. Olga Parshina

Postdoctoral Researcher

University of Delaware

Research Associate

Study Programme in German as a Second and Foreign Language

TU Braunschweig

Research Associate

University of Augsburg

Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication

University of Ghent

TU Braunschweig

Haus der Wissenschaft (Room Veolia & Room Weitblick)

Pockelsstraße 11, 38106 Braunschweig

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