Take Action

1. Ready to take action?

See below for 3 ways you can take action for ACORN.

Contact a target

Engaging with local targets – like elected local councillors or provincial representatives – is a key tactic ACORN uses to win campaigns. That’s because decision-makers care about their reputations and our votes, so reminding them of what you care about is a key way to leverage your power.

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Phone and door-to-door outreach

Calling and door-to-door outreach are key tactics for ACORN Leaders to engage new and existing members. We contact people over the phone and on the doorstep to take action on campaigns and to invite them to join ACORN as members.

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Host a meeting

Local community meetings are a great way to bring members and potential members together. It’s a key way that you can build relationships in your community and mobilize others to join ACORN or plan future actions.

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Talking to people about our campaigns is really important. Watch an example here:

2. Example Actions

Once you have a group of members you can start thinking about other actions you can take to advance your issues. Some examples of creative actions are included below:

Port a Potty Action

Demand: Install a washroom at the Tenant Board

Work Order Clothesline

Demand: City to force landlord to do repairs

Mattress Action

Demand: More long term addictions recovery centres

3. Knowledge Check

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By now you should have an understanding of:

How to contact a target, call and canvas, and host a meeting

Creative actions

How to respond to issues you may experience in your community

All finished? Great job!

If you haven't already, make sure you check in with your contact at ACORN to talk about next steps.

If you are interested in learning more, you can read about organizing here.