ACORN Canada: Training


This training site contains important information for ACORN Leaders. Here you'll find information and resources for mobilizing and organizing on ACORN's campaigns.

If you're new to ACORN, your first step is to become a Leader.

Leaders mobilize people. They engage new and existing members on local campaigns. This site contains all the information you need do that, and here's what you can expect if you follow the steps:

  • To learn about ACORN’s principles, structure, and our key national campaigns.
  • To learn how to take action by engaging people over the phone or at the door, holding a community meeting and contacting a target.

Check out the video for an introduction to ACORN Canada!

READY TO become a leader?

Click on each link below or use the 'Mobilizing' menu at the top of the page to work through the following sections:

1. The Basics

2. Our Campaigns

3. Take Action

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