Fifth International Conference on Animal-Computer Interaction

December 4-6, 2018

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Video Posters

To help authors illustrate a theoretical, methodological or design issue that might otherwise be difficult to convey, or a research project that requires a multimedia presentation, we encourage the submission of video posters. Video posters are a great way to excite viewers’ imaginations and to help them reflect on issues that they might not be familiar with. Presentations in this format have much potential to stimulate a lively discussion among conference attendees and the ACI community more broadly.

Video poster submissions should include the following:

  • an extended abstract (up to 4 pages plus up to 1 page of references) describing the project and underpinning research; the abstract must be a single PDF file in the ACM SIGCHI extended abstract format:
  • a 3-minute video; if the video file is smaller than 50MB, it may be submitted in MP4 format together with your extended abstract; if the video file is larger than 50MB, the submission must be uploaded to a repository such as YouTube or Vimeo; a link to the video should be included at the end of the video abstract
  • a short video abstract (up to 250 words), including the link to the video (if applicable).

Submissions will be peer-reviewed and extended abstracts will be published in the ACI2018 Conference Proceedings, provided that at least one of the authors registers for ACI2018 and attends the conference to present.