Following is a list of the ten best things to do in Mandurah.

  1. Crabbing in the crabbing season months of November through to May.

  2. Experience the Channel 7, Mandurah Crab Fest.

  3. Swimming or surfing at beaches near Mandurah such as at Halls Head Beach or surfing at Secret Harbour beach.

  4. Fishing or prawning.

  5. Water sports/Boating Mandurah:

    1. Cruise of the Mandurah Ocean Marina and Mandurah canals.

    2. hire a small motorised pontoon or hire a boat or big house boat in Mandurah and cruise up the Murray River.

    3. Go sailing out of Mandurah on the Indian Ocean or Peel inlet.

    4. Kayaking from Mandurah, up the Murray River or about the Mandurah canals.

    5. SCUBA diving out of Mandurah in the Indian Ocean.

    6. Water skiing,

  6. From Mandurah drive east into the Darling range, through Pinjarra for a picnic in the hills near streams and pools.

  7. From Perth go on a guided tour of Peel and Mandurah with Unwind Tours Perth.

  8. On the way to Pinjarra, visit the Peel Zoo.

  9. Dine at one of many fine independent or hotel restaurants in Mandurah.

  10. Function in Mandurah:

    1. Have your wedding reception in Mandurah. Plenty of couples get married in Mandurah and after that:

    2. Enjoy your honeymoon in Mandurah

    3. Business function in Mandurah:

      1. Hold your next conference or business seminar in Mandurah

      2. Team building / staff motivation / staff training at one of the many fully equipped Mandurah hotel conference rooms. Getting staff away from work and domestic distraction is Perth might be one of the best tax deductible business investments in people you've ever made.

  11. See a show at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre.

  12. Go shopping. The quality of local foods is better and prices are cheaper than in Perth.

Kayaking Murray River and Crabbing Mandurah are good things to do at/near Mandurah

Ben Grummels kayaking and fishing on the Murray River near River Resort

Crabbing Mandurah Video

Kayaking Murray River

Mandurah Canals Cruise produced by VR Videos

Provide a familiarisation tour of your Mandurah tourism business for free video production in Mandurah.

Whether you come down from Perth to Mandurah for the day or relax and enjoy a holiday at one of many good quality resort hotels in Mandurah, know that there are always things to do in the Mandurah / Peel region besides simply relaxing poolside with a good book and great food/service. Mandurah is also a restful stop over for trips between Perth and regions further south of Western Australia.

Schoolie accommodation in Mandurah bookings are intense for the schoolie fortnight 2022 dates, 19 November to 4 December when Western Australian school leavers try, not always successfully to book accommodation in Mandurah so if you're wanting to stay in Mandurah on those Mandurah schoolie dates in November, book early and expect some exuberant behavior and good music concerts. Order and buy your schoolie shirts, hoodies etc online.


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DIGITAL TV Antenna Installation Mandurah

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  1. Measure accurately the space of where your cabinet is to be installed in your Mandurah house or office.

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  3. DIY assemble your bathroom or kitchen cabinets or get a cabinet maker in Mandurah or builder or phone Novak to send a cabinet maker to Mandurah.

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Including free wine tastings and optional lunch on the best, guided group or guided private wine tours from:

Mandurah to the best Swan Valley wine tour.

From Mandurah to Margaret River wine region.

Mandurah to the fabulous Bickley Valley winery tours

Tour pickup from your Mandurah hotel.

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