Quality affordable waterfront accommodation near Mandurah, the Peel Inlet and Murray River are less than an hour's drive south of Perth. Hotels Mandurah and Peel wide, be they big or small, offer 4 and 5 star quality accommodation.  The Peel region is large and diverse. This means there's plenty of types of hotel locations to choose from. Some hotel rooms in the Mandurah CBD have panoramic views over Peel Inlet, Marina and the Indian Ocean. Some hotels like River Resort and Lakeside Holiday Apartments near Mandurah have waterfront villas and modern serviced apartments near a white sand Murray River beach from which you can go grabbing from.
Book early for hotel accommodation in Mandurah during public holidays and popular events such as the Mandurah Crab Fest and Mandurah boat show.


Mandurah is far enough for that break out of Perth city feeling yet close enough for the 1 hour dash up the Forrest Highway to get back to the hectic life in Perth.  A fast comfortable train ride with few station stops is an easy way to travel to your Mandurah hotel. Car hire is available from hotel tour desks. Driving a car to Mandurah at 100km per hour, 70km straight south of Perth takes less than an hour. The travel tip is avoid Mandurah-Perth-Mandurah travel at PEAK hour travel,  especially on a Friday afternoon before a public holiday when Perthites love to travel to Mandurah holiday accommodation.


Hotels in Mandurah are only one hour's drive to the southern end of Greater Perth.  Going from hotels in Mandurah to hotels in Perth? Catch the train from Mandurah train station or hire a Perth limo.

Hotel with swimming pool Mandurah

Photo above is of the Mandurah Resort Hotel of the Month. It's a resort with this smaller pool near modern hotel apartments. Great for relaxing on your hotel balcony while keeping an eye on the kids in the pool. Between the motel/hotel apartments and River Resort is a much bigger pool which is next to the resort tennis courts. The resort villas are on the bank of the Murray River near a white sandy beach and dock to moor your rented house boat.

Booking a hotel in Mandurah with free high speed internet is easy since Mandurah was one of the first places in WA with the NBN and most hotels in Mandurah have an NBN connection. 


Zoom to Mandurah in the Peel region south of Perth on the map of Western Australia

Mandurah is a boaties paradise with canal waterways leading to the Peel Inlet or from marinas to the Indian Ocean. The forests in the Darling Range to the east of Mandurah via Pinjarra have streams and pools perfect for picnics and bush walks.

There are plenty of affordable, interesting things to do Mandurah wide such as watersports, visiting the Sunday market, and seeing dolphins from a canal boat tour.

Search, compare, see photos of hotel rooms in Mandurah, star ratings, reviews, and room rates of Mandurah's best accommodation. Book accommodation near Mandurah's attractions such as beaches, Peel Inlet, Murray River, canals and marina.

Food in Mandurah

Food from the southwest of Western Australia is served in a variety of Asian and European ethnic cuisines by hospitable staff in hotel restaurants and independent restaurants in Mandurah.

VERY affordable prices Spanish Paella food catering Mandurah.

Whether you're booking a family holiday accommodation or getting your staff to Mandurah for team building, or motivational seminars, there are many reasons to visit Mandurah and things to do in Mandurah.

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4 star motel accommodation near Mandurah

Photo of modern serviced 4 star hotel apartment accommodation near Mandurah with balconies overlooking one of two hotel swimming pools and bbq area.

Travelling further south from Mandurah? See Dunsborough and Margaret River.