Benefits of Hotel Accommodation Advertising Mandurah

  1. Photo/ads inluding links back to your Mandurah hotel website.

    1. Free photography including 360 VR 3D propery photoshperes and free ad design.

    2. Free VR photos of your hotel restaurant, posted in our property photo album

    3. At least 4 large photo/ads on the HOME page of this with links back to your hotel website.

    4. At least 1 photo/ad link on the HOME page of

    5. At least 8 large photo/ads on an exclusively yours webpage on this site about your Mandurah hotel. Your listing includes links, sales pitch, phone number, advertorial, etc.

  2. Free digital marketing in Perth a target market location:

    1. KPI setting of targets your in-house or outsourced hotel digital marketing agency should be achieving.

    2. Log in anytime to see monthly site popularity ranking stats (We'll add your Mandurah accommodation property. You'll see the reciprocal of your Alexa ranking which you can plot on a chart.)

    3. FREE hotel website review, analysis report by SEO Perth's expert.

    4. $330 worth of free digital marketing training for hotel marketing managers in Mandurah. We've got international hotel executive clients because our is Google 1st for: hotel marketing singapore australia, bali, malaysia, thailand, asia.

    5. Dofollow link on the home page of our old but popular Perth website.

  3. After a few visits, Ben will have enough 360 degreeS, 3D, VR video to produce a free virtual reality video of your Mandurah hotel.

  4. Free video marketing for your Mandurah hotels and other accommodation properties. Your video on our Youtube channel which has had 2 million views of our videos. If your accommodation doesn't have an up-to-date video we'll do free video production on a sunny day, familiarisation tour your Mandurah hotel.

  5. Map Marketing: Free linked pin on our Google map of Perth WA which has had half a million views.

Online advertising Mandurah hotels.

When your tourists are busting your door down to give your accommodation in Mandurah high occupancy rates and good revPAR, you won't need to do too much more hotel marketing. It's in the down times that hoteliers need to invest in hotel marketing for Mandurah hotels. Survive during the downturn to reap when the boom comes back. When the going gets tough the tough get going. If your Mandurah stakeholders and or CFO don't believe that hotel marketing is an investment rather than a cost, let me at them after they read our scenario about diverting commissions away from OTAs and instead of pouring that back into investing in your own Mandurah accommodation website.

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