(Details about the list and book trailers)

E-BOOKS & AUDIOBOOK COPIES OF THE BOOK IN SORA (Incoming fifth graders won't have access until September.) 

Our School Participates in MA Children's Book Award Voting.  We ask you to read these titles this summer to  get a jump on your total.  Students who read five or more books will be invited to a discussion / pizza party and be able to vote!

Summer Reading Suggestions - Grades Seven & Eight

For Grades 9-12- We Recommend Reading Books from the MA Teen Choice Book Award Nominees List

(Find them all on SORA here)

All seven classes worked together to read across America.  Each class has a different color pin.  

Orange - Ms. Regan's Class

Blue - Ms. Samsel's Class

Red - Ms. Johnson's Class

Yellow - Ms. Ryan's Class

Purple - Ms. Duquette's Class

Brown - Mr. Pease's Class

Green- Ms. Byrnes's Class

ALL STATES HAVE BEEN CLAIMED 5/29 (Highlighted with the class color)

Alabama - Inside out and Back Again by Lai - Arianna J.

Alaska- The bite of the gold bugy by DeClements Jeffrey W. 

Arizona-24 Hours in Nowhere by Bowling - Nora D.

Arkansas- Lions Of Little Rock by Levine - Elizabeth E

California - Paradise on Fire  by Rhodes - Carter D.

Colorado- Nicki by Creel - Charlee M. 

Connecticut - Claudia and the Bad Joke by Martin - Elizabeth E.

Delaware - We Dream of Space by Kelly - James E. 

Florida-Florida- Frightmares (not on reading list. YA Book gr. 7-12) - Rory M. 

Georgia- Unsettled by Reem Faruqi  - Elizabeth E

Hawaii- I survived the bombing of Pearl Harbor 1941 - Will Duggan

Idaho- Walk two moons by Creech-Elizabeth E.

Illinois - Ghost Boys by Rhodes -  Thomas P.

Indiana - The Best at it by Pancholy Elizabeth E, & James E

Iowa - Stumptown Kid  by Gorman - James E

Kansas - Dream Annie Dream by Brown- Elizabeth E. 

Kentucky- Growing Pangs by Ormsbee - Elizabeth E.

Louisiana-I survived Hurricane Katrina 2005   by Tarshis - Evan C

Maine - Wildfire  by Philbrick  - Andre K

Maryland - Squished by Lloyd - Elizabeth E.

Massachusetts - Diary of Wimpy Kid - The Meltdown by Kinney Shaelyn 

I Survived the Great Molasses Flood, 1919 by Tarshis - Ashley M

Michigan - Notorious by Korman - James E.

Minnesota - Home of the Brave by Applegate - James E.

Mississippi - Mississippi Trial 1955 by Crowe - Will S.

Missouri- I survived The Joplin tornado, 2011 by Tarshis - Anna K

Montana -I Survived the Attack of the Grizzlies, 1967  Tarshis - Mariana M.

Nebraska - Horse Girl by Carrie Seim- Cliff D

Nevada-The Astonishing Maybe by Grime - Elizabeth E   

New Hampshire - The Wild Path  by Baughman - Sofia L. *****

New Jersey-I survived the shark attacks of 1916  Tarshis - Thomas P.

New Mexico - Tiger Eyes by Bloom - Hazel W.

New York -The boy who failed show and tell by Sonnenblick - Maggie K.

North Carolina- Three times lucky  by Turnage - James E.

North Dakota - I survived the Blizzard 1888 by Tarshis- Anna K

Ohio- What happened on Fox Street by Springstubb- Arianna J.

Oklahoma- Sisters of the Neversea by Smith - Elizabeth E. 

Oregon - Wildfire by Bard - Taylor T

Pennsylvania- Maniac Magee  by Spinelli - Ms. Samsel's class.

Rhode Island- Finding Providence by Avi Abby C.

South Carolina -Middle School's a Drag You better werk by Howard - Elizabeth E

South Dakota- Prairie Lotus by Park - Elizabeth E.

Tennessee- Winter Danger by Steele - Avery P.

Texas - Blooming at the Texas Sunrise Motel by Holt - Arianna J.

Utah- Real Friends by Hale - Elizabeth E.

Vermont- My mixed-up berry blue summer  by Gennari  - Talia M.

Virginia -Mascot by Charles Waters and Traci Sorrel - Elizabeth E.

Washington - The One and only Ruby by Applegate - Thomas P.

West Virginia- Missing May by Rylant Giovanna R. 

Wisconsin- Heaven is paved with Oreos by Gilbert - Nora D.

Wyoming- Grand Teton Stampede by  Fulton - Ryan M.

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