We aim to provide rides for all every Saturday @ 9:30. For more information about see about us

A5 Rangers Cycling Club

Time Trial marshals urgently needed (& riders too)

Please fill in the form at link below to show when you are available and we will contact you to confirm a slot

Towcester Mill sportif

this weekend email Semler (club chair) for discount code https://www.letsgovelo.co.uk/event/towcester-mill-brewery-sportive-26th-may-2019

A5 calling all members! A note on communication

We have had problems with the web, largely caused by Semler who, in his efforts to get some control of the behemoth it had turned into, managed to turn off the module that checks passwords with the result no one can log in. The upshot is that we have decided to have a much simpler platform that can be easily changed day today so keeping members in touch.

The most important thing is to let people know about rides and other events. We have kept the diary in the hope that this will be the main tool for the job. However other groups use Facebook for organising rides the advantage of this is that anyone can post and others can join without it having to go through myself or another official. The problem with the club diary is that there seems to be no way to make it accessible to all.

There will also be a new forum space which will require members to login this will give me some indication of how many people are looking at the website and it would be great if this got used to organise rides.

A note on navigation: the menu buttons are at the top right of the website and some of the sub menus are not obvious click the down arrow. adding pages and information from the old site is an ongoing process and then maybe menus that currently point to nothing, patience please.

I welcome any feedback. Semler.