2020 is turning out to be a very virtual year, we keep doing what we can to support each other and promote an inclusive, accessible and equitable science community.

Career support

Dr. Kathleen Stewart held a styling session for women in science

Women's March

JoEllen and Jillian

January 11, Pod member Stefanie Kroll spoke at the Science History Institute

Aquatic Insects, Water Quality, and You

Aquatic insects have curious capabilities and display amazing adaptations. They can also be used as bioindicators to characterize water quality in streams and help regulators and researchers identify stressors to our water quality. Join Stefanie Kroll for a talk about these fascinating creatures, why it’s important to protect our waterways for the future, and how everyday citizens can help in those efforts.

Laura Guertin presented at the National Council for Science and the Environment Annual Meeting (NCSE 2020) in Washington DC, where she also mentored three female students from Penn State Brandywine who served as podcast producers for the NCSE 2020 conference.

JoEllen McBride gave a talk at the 235th American Astronomical Society Meeting in Hawaii at the beginning of January. A transcript of her talk AAS Astronomy Ambassadors: A Gateway to Science Communication Careers can be found on her blog.

Wenny Lin posted an article by Nancy Vitale, former senior VP of HR at Genentech, with tips for leaders to integrate the elements of total wellbeing to nurture productivity in their teams on the Women in Pharma blog.

Pod member Laura Guertin was quoted on February 22nd in The New York Times in the article Knitters Chronicle Climate Change One Stitch At A Time. She also participated in the Ocean Sciences Meeting Storytellers Program, where ocean scientists read ocean-themed stories to kids at public libraries in San Diego. Then she came home from the OSM and brought her students over to Tyler Arboretum to read nature-themed books in other languages for Brandywine celebrates International Mother Language Day with multilingual event.

We submitted a testimony for the PA K-12 Science Standards input meetings. You can see a copy here.

See this blog post from Pod member Stefanie Kroll (The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University), titled “WFH Tips from Our Scientist”.

From Pod member JoEllen McBride: “I Zoomed with a mom friend's middle school class in Mississippi last Friday to talk about astronomy! She and I are in a Facebook group together because we both had kids born in September of 2014. It was really great to answer the student's questions!”

From Pod member Tanya Dapkey: “I did a Facebook Live event with my bug friend - here is a link to the YouTube video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORz35L2oZvg&t=1s I also signed up for the Families Skype a Scientist - hope more Philly Pod Members can join as well.” Learn more: https://www.skypeascientist.com/for-families.html

Pod member Laura Guertin has been awarded The Pennsylvania State University’s 2020 President’s Award for Excellence in Academic Integration. The award is given to a full-time faculty member who has exhibited extraordinary achievement in the integration of teaching, research or creative accomplishment and service.

Laura has also been doing some science communication in her neighborhood to give the walking families some fun science facts to learn. Each week, she swaps out the topics. Last week was earthquakes, this week is dinosaurs!

Wenny Lin and Michelle Kinder at the Women in Pharma Careers blog share a few articles relevant for women scientists during this challenging time of coronavirus and social distancing:

--Important actions for scientists during coronavirus pandemic

--Staying healthy and productive in uncertain times

--Working from home survival guide: Cliffs Notes version

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Michelle Niedermeier shared information on a handbook “Integrated Pest Management for Pennsylvania Schools and Childcares: A How To Manual.” All public and charter schools/district, intermediate units, area vocation-technical schools, and childcare facilities in Pennsylvania are required by law (PA Acts 35 & 36 and the Pennsylvania Pesticide Control Act of 1973) to use Integrated Pest Management (IPM). The law aims to protect children and school employees from unnecessary exposure to pesticides, thus making learning environments safer. Pests in schools can destroy property, contaminate food, bite or sting people, and worsen other health issues - such as asthma. However, routine pesticide use may lead to unacceptable chemical exposure risks. IPM reduces potential student and staff exposures to toxins in the school setting, while providing more effective and longer-term pest control. Added benefits include reduced clutter, improved cleanliness, and better energy efficiency in buildings due to proper maintenance. You can purchase a hardcopy from Penn State Extension or download the free PDF.

Pod members JoEllen McBride, Tanya Dapkey, and Laura Guertin are featured on the 1MWIS (1 Million Women in STEM) website. The mission of 1MWIS is to spotlight 1 million STEM women from across the globe to provide visible role models & inspire the next generation of girls. View the profiles for JoEllen, Tanya and Laura, then consider submitting your own.

Pod member Laura Guertin served as a Twitter Rocur Guest for the American Geophysical Union Sharing Science Twitter account on Friday, April 24. She also was interviewed and is highlighted in the LabOratory Podcast for her work on quilting stories of coastal optimism. And tune in to Taste of Science Philadelphia on Instagram on Monday, May 4, where she will be doing an Instagram Live interview on a quilt she created about global warming solutions.