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February Stated Meeting - Sy Harrison Lodge #70

Tuesday, February 12, 2019 - Meal served beginning at 5:30pm

Baked Potato Bar & Trimmings

"Recent Photos" has pictures from the 2019 Sy Harrison Lodge #70 Installation Ceremony as well as pictures of Roger Weber holding the award for El Zaribah Shrine, Shriner of the Year 2018.

Have you visited the Payson Mason website?

It has additional and different types of information regarding Sy Harrison Lodge #70

Lodge Brothers All,

The January online Payson Mason Trestle Board was our first "official" attempt to deliver our lodge's TB without incurring mailing costs. Your comments and suggestions regarding all aspects are appreciated and given due consideration.

We are happy to report that 81 readers, in 24 cities, and 7 different states signed on and read at least some part of the January issue. We will continue to track our readership and periodically report back to you. BTW - our analytic software does not track any personal information - we know how many, but not who is signing on.

Herb Dwyer

Payson Mason Trestle Board Editor

Online Payson Mason Trestle Board

Goals and Objectives 2019


  • Provide an online publication to disseminate information related to the Sy Harrison Lodge #70.
  • Maintain a paper-based publication to disseminate information related to the Sy Harrison Lodge #70 to those without Internet access.
  • Provide within the two versions of Trestle Boards space for apendant organizations to update their members as needed.


  • Reduce costs associated with publishing the Payson Mason Trestle Board.
  • Increase readership.
  • Increase communication among readers using social media tools such as blogs and/or forums.
  • Gather needed data and information as requested by Worshipful Master and/or Officers of the Lodge using online and paper-based survey and questionnaire techniques.
  • Establish the roles and relationship between The Payson Mason website and the The Payson Mason Trestle Board.

Trestle Board Update Schedule - The online version of The Payson Mason Trestle Board is a dynamic web site. Updates, additions and corrections can be made during the month of publication until the final five days of the month. During those last five days the then current edition will be put into the Archives Files to provide an online library of past issues.