What is PGL?

Peace as a Global Language (PGL) was conceived in the anxious year following ‘911, by teacher activists in Japan. Wanting to emphasize peace, feeling very sad and worried,” they envisioned “a healing conference devoted entirely to social awareness and socially aware teaching”. PGL conferences have been attended been activists, aid professionals, academics and students, from inside and outside of Japan since 2002. PGL also organised a tour and conference at the Management University of Africa, in Nairobi, in March 2016, taking a group of ten teachers from across Japan, the first step on the way to making PGL truly global in nature. In 2017, PGL worked with Mount Kenya University to bring scholars and researchers from outside of Africa to the beautiful city of Kigali for the Emerging Issues in English Education and Language Conference as part of an education tour to East Africa. And in November this year, PGL is pleased to announce that it is returning to Kobe Kakuin University's Port Island campus in Kobe with the theme: Bridges for Peace. PGL has also published several books, the latest being, Peace as Global Language: Peace and Welfare in the Global and Local Community, available on Amazon.