General PGL 2017 Information

General Information

Registration/Help Desk from 8:30am on Saturday November 11th

The PGL 2017 Registration/Help desk is situated on the 2nd floor of Building B, near the elevators and the 3rd Floor near the main room B302. Please ask the staff if you should require anything or have any problems.

Payment (cash only)

For those paying on site, please note that we will not be able to process credit cards.

Meals & Drinks

Lunch from 12:30 on both days will be served in the Cafe space of Building A (1st floor, entrance on ocean side of building).

On Saturday, a delicious Iranian stew and rice will be on offer and, Indian lunch.

The other option for Saturday is the convenience store Maruzen, on the first floor of Building B (open Saturday 8am-3pm, closed Sunday).

Photocopy Services

If you are using handouts for your presentation, it is best to make copies before arriving at the conference site. There is also a photocopier in the convenience store Maruzen on the first floor of Building B (open Saturday 8am-3pm).


Presenters will have access to an Internet LAN cable for their sessions. Wireless Internet is not available.

Presentations and Equipment

Presentation rooms are all equipped with large screen TVs or projectors, and we will have a Windows laptop computer in each room. Please bring your own connector or dongle if you’re a Mac user and want to use your own computer. We recommend that you bring two copies of your presentation in case one fails.

Welcome address

A short opening address will be made at 10:00am on Saturday, immediately before Mr. Soma’s plenary. It will include the president of the university, the vice president and the dean of the business administration.

Name Badges

When you check in, you will receive a conference package, which includes your name badge. Wearing your badge is required for entrance to the sessions. If you lose your badge it can be replaced for a fee of 500 yen. You must wear your badge at all times during the Conference, or you run the risk of being escorted off the premises.


Smoking is not permitted in any of the conference rooms or communal areas. Please smoke only in designated areas; either outdoors on the ocean side patio of Building B or the north end of Building B, near the basketball court. There are smoking areas are clearly marked. If in doubt ask a staff member.

Photo/Recording Waiver

There may be photography, audio or video recording at the conference. By entering the event premises you give consent to the use of your photograph, likeness or video or audio recording in whole or in part without restriction or limitation for any educational, promotional, or any purpose for distribution.

Conference Proceedings

The Conference Proceedings will be published following the conference. We will be sending out a Call for Papers after the conference.

A Polite Request to All Participants

This year most short presentations (25min) have been combined into a single 50 minute timeslot. Where possible topics of a similar nature have been matched in hopes of inspiring discussion. Doing this will minimize the gaps between presentations and help concentrate the audience.

Participants are requested to arrive in a timely fashion for all addresses, whether to their own, or to those of other presenters. Volunteers will assume the timekeeping role.

Special Thanks

No conference or gathering can take place without a lot of effort. A big thanks to Henry Nakamura for his kind help with the student bags. James Yellowlees for the advice and production support. The staff at the Business Administration Faculty – in particular Odani-san for the extra time and effort. The staff at the International Exchange Centre-in particular Mika Yoshii. All of the staff and faculty at Kobe Gakuin University, from President Sato all through everyone, including all of those who helped in numerous ways. The City of Kobe officials, in particular Hasen Keder Edris, for their work in getting the conference on the right track. In addition, all members of the committee for their time and devotion.

One organization that has been a big supporter of the conference over the years is the Japan Association of Language Teacher (JALT) Special Interest Group (SIG) called Global Issues in Language Education (GILE) and its leader Kip Kates.

An idea that was born out of discussions while driving around Nairobi together, Mr. Soma and Josh DeSantis were instrumental to make the conference what it is.