Our MISSION is Humankind's PURPOSE

Our Immediate Mission

To embody, model, perform and accomplish transformative leadership, transformative collaboration, and paradigm-transformation. In doing so, giving rise to paradigm-transformation in culture and the fabric of society in ways aligned with Our Purpose (below).

Our Purpose

The purpose of VFT is: performance of the principles and transformative methodologies of VFT for: (1.) the extraordinary accomplishment of embodying and modeling those principles and methods in the world; and also (2.) execution of VFT's ventures to identify and transform threats to freedom, social prosperity and humankind wellness giving way to the emergence of worldwide freedom, prosperity, and wellness.

Fundamental Threats to Local and Worldwide Freedom, Social Prosperity, and Humankind Wellness

• Taking for granted the opportunities inherent in being alive and human and on Earth

• ‎Taking advantage of the complacent complicity of human nature

• ‎Creating currency from nothing as a means of valuation and dominance

• Intolerance for differences

• Intolerance for plurality

• ‎Ignorance of individuals

• ‎Cognitive deficits of individuals and groups

• ‎Cognitive development challenges for individuals and groups

• ‎Emotional deficits of individuals and groups

• ‎Emotional development challenges for individuals and group

Our Overarching Legacy Mission

Our most far-reaching and overarching mission is to: change forever the way we endeavor to change the world. Specifically, the mission of VFT on the broadest possible scale is to generate a paradigm of paradigm-transformation as an access to transformation of local and worldwide freedom, social prosperity, and humankind wellness.