Declarations of ACTION

Advancing VFT's Purpose

Ongoing (2018 Update)

• Immediately impacting our cultural demeanor and collective self-expression by hosting and facilitation of engagements and conversations for:

• Identifying and recruiting leaders that are masters practicing the Methods of VFT. Most notably, leaders that can lead and facilitate 3LOP-inspired* guided conversations.

• Recruiting and establishing a leadership board of directors for VFT.

• Recruiting and identifying leaders with focus and passion for change in specific topic areas that will lead VFT's pilot-program transformative ventures.

• Developing partnerships and alliances with those who are committed to practice Transformative Collaboration.

• Validating the integrity and alignment with Purpose of the Principles, Methods, and Formats of VFT through research and development.


• Fundraising through unconventional means and in such ways as to not be beholden to the phenomenon of special interest groups or susceptible to one or many of the threats local and worldwide social prosperity and humankind wellness.

• Incorporation as a non-profit legal entity.

• Design and launch an iteration of an organizational model that aligns with the Principles, Methods, and Formats of VFT. (2018 update: Model under consideration: Variation of the decentralization, administration, and scalability of United Way U.S.A.)

*3LOP: VFT's abbreviation for The Three Laws of Performance.

VFT Ventures (Pilot-program Under Development)

A VFT venture is a group of leaders and contributors with focus and passion for transformation of a particular broken paradigm currently exhibiting one or many threats local and worldwide social prosperity and humankind wellness. A VFT venture effects change in our world using a transformative way forward that disrupts broken paradigms and generates new paradigms with integrity and a legacy for our future.

Specific pilot-program ventures will be declared as VFT develops as an organization.

(Alleged) Broken Paradigms Targeted for Inquiry

Economics and Finance: Currency Valuation and Dependency Upon a Commerce-based Livelihood

"The U.S.A. is in the biggest economic slump since the Great Depression, and we can’t seem to get out of it. Why? Because, exactly as in the 1920s, so much of the nation’s income and wealth are going to the top, that the vast middle class doesn’t have the purchasing power to keep the economy going." ―ROBERT REICH

"Statistics, dating back to the late 60's or early 70's, reveal stagnation of productivity. That stagnation has led to depressed rates of return to investment, sluggish wage rates, stagnant income generally, bloated levels of household wealth relative to wages, an explosion of public debt and more." ―CENTER ON CAPITALISM

Consider this...

Constrained Access to Education

“Our children suffer when we deny that educational inequities exist and when we refuse to invest sufficient time, resources, and effort toward holistic and systemic solutions. The U.S. educational system is plagued with oversimplified policies and reform initiatives that were developed and imposed without support of a compelling body of rigorous research, or even with a track record of failure.” ―175 EDUCATION DEANS, NATIONWIDE, U.S.A., 2017

Consider this...

Volunteerism and Social Activism as Optional

Why don't more of us volunteer? In our community? In political campaigns? For causes in which we do actually believe? Or why don't you take-on big dreams or "I can save the world!" possibilities?

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." ―MARGARET MEAD

Consider this...

  • What is a "Social 'Movement'"? Listen to what DeRay Mckesson has to say about Black Lives Matter as a social movement that does not centralize leadership or empower followers, rather thrives by prompting individuals to become self-empowered and to take the lead at all walks of life. DeRay Mckesson interviewed by Sarah Silverman on "I Love You, America," Hulu: