Extraordinary Futures Arise by COMMITMENT

"C.E.O." and Founder, Achievement Coach Greg Kilgore

Ventures for Transformation is the legacy venture of Achievement Coach Greg Kilgore. Whether in his capacity as Chief Enthusiasm Officer, Chief Enlightenment Officer, or Chief Excellence Officer, Greg's banner for VFT is:

  • New and Extraordinary Futures Require Transformative Collaboration and Boundless Creativity.

A respected coaching profession brand for nearly twenty years, "Achievement Coach Greg Kilgore," Greg is the founder and champion for authentic human expression, Self-determined lifestyle design, and coaching-for-all at GREAT FUTURE NOW Coaching. Greg brings to VFT a dynamic array of execution-savvy capabilities and talents from a diverse and colorful career of: entrepreneurship; leadership and coaching to corporate, small business, government, political, and creative clients; broadcasting, public-speaking, and advocacy; as well as, state, national, and community social action.

A Personal Commitment to Legacy

A step-father to five children over twenty years, Greg has never been a father to a child of his own lineage or surname. For much of his life, Greg professes that he didn't have any relatedness to the "concept of legacy." Upon doing some personal development and soul-searching around mid-life, Greg discovered himself in a vision of taking-on the future in such a way that he realized it would be a future that would outlast his lifetime and be, for Greg, a legacy venture spawning transformative ventures with transformational legacy for humanity.

Although VFT is initially Greg's brainchild, the future of VFT is as a movement that will stand on its own and be the expression of a legacy for everyone who commits and contributes to the purpose and promises of VFT, the organization emerging as VFT, and VFT's various transformative ventures.