Three choices:

1. Bring your own team and designate your content area.

2. Propose a problem that you're trying to solve, challenge and seek members to join your team.

3. Sign up for a content area of interest and be assigned to a team.

  • Civics Education

  • Financial Literacy

  • Health Literacy

  • Workforce Preparation

  • Outreach & Enrollment

  • Data

  • Other: ____________________________________________


  • Responsible for communication

  • Team spokesperson

  • Team project management


During these unprecedented times, we want to offer you something a little different with multiple benefits. Connect with your colleagues from across the state in multiple ways to work on solving real issues that can be put into practice. Take advantage of this chance to model project-based learning for yourself so that you feel comfortable trying it with your program(s). Experience the fundamental principles of adult learning - self-direction, learn-by-doing, meaningful & relevant, draw upon past experiences, practice skills, personal development, control over your learning .