October 7, 2020 - Alicia Bolton - Collaborate to Innovate

Week of October 26, 2020 Team Milestone # 1

Team Formation

Your project is framed by a meaningful problem to be solved, an idea you want to try or test out, or a question to answer. During this phase, come together as a team, choose your leader, set you team norms, and determine your mission.

November 18, 2020 - Daquanna Harrison - Bringing Your 'Whole Self', Discussions on Diversity in Adult Education

  • Plenary Session: Respecting Difference and Diversity

  • Think Tank Session

Week of November 30, 2020 Team Milestone # 2

Project Setup

Assess the authenticity of your project & develop your plan of action.

January 13, 2021 - Jorge Valenzuela - Make Remote Learning Engaging for Students by Focusing on Project-Based Learning

  • Plenary Session: Incorporating Digital Literacy & Blended Learning

  • Think Tank

Week of January 18, 2021 Team Milestone # 3

Sustained Inquiry

At a team, use the Question Formulation Technique (QFT) to stimulate inquiry. This allows you to make meaning and organize your project work. Use questions formulated & prioritized by the team to then find resources, gather data & apply information in order to answer your guiding question or solve your problem. Meet regularly to assess progress.

Week of February 15, 2021 Team Milestone # 4

Testing, Application & Feedback

Through testing, gather feed back about your solution to revise and improve upon it.

Week of March 15, 2021 Team Milestone # 5

Reflect, Critique, & Advise

As a team, engage in thoughtful, comprehensive reflection about the project's design and progress. Craft your showcase presentation to demonstrate the reasoning behind the choices you, made, your inquiry process, findings, & work produced.

Week of April 5, 2021 Team Milestone # 6

Showcase Preparation

Present your work at the culmination showcase. together, choose how you will convey your project to the conference audience through Zoom. Craft a summary of your presentation to be posted online & prepare supportive materials that can be shared.

SHOWCASE - APRIL 14-15, 2021

Week of April 5, 2021 Team Milestone # 7


Use this opportunity as a team to evaluate both your project & the PBL process. Determine how you will take what you have learned from this experience further.