As a team, work together to take on a shared adult education challenge. Reveal your solutions to your colleagues across the state in a 30-minute virtual presentation at the April 14-15 AE & L Remix Showcase that demonstrates the incorporation of one or both of the following into a learner-centered practice or work setting.

  • Respecting difference & diversity

  • Incorporating digital literacy & blended learning

Project Based Learning (PBL) is a dynamic approach to teaching and learning.

  • Engages participants in exploring their world through the inquiry process

  • Structures subjects around a question or real-world problem to test out and/or solve

  • Teaches participants to research, plan, design, and create a product or presentation of what has been learned

  • Includes collaborative work on projects, in small teams, guided by a coach/teacher

  • offers an alternative method for learning

Applying PBL for

Professional Development

Applying PBL

in the Classroom.