Essential life skills

The Chautauqua Elementary learning community

Our district learning community is committed to social-emotional learning. We strive to be inclusive of all learners, to give each student a voice and to help each student develop the tools and knowledge necessary to successfully engage in school and life beyond school.

We seek to develop learners who demonstrate these qualities:

Empathetic (to hear and understand what others communicate, but also to learn and adopt (temporarily) the perspective of others)

Curious (to want to explore the world around you; to research, ask questions and observe)

Persistent (to not give up - especially when something doesn't come easily; to face failure, be resilient, rebound and thrive)

Creative (to imagine and innovate; to see things from a unique perspective, or at least a new one)

Clear communicator (to speak and write coherently and on topic, to listen intently and to understand body language)

Reflective (to pause and think about how you self-reflect (academically and personally) on your own understanding (meta-cognition))

Productive (to demonstrate setting a goal, planning to meet the goal, prioritizing the steps, and meet the objective through an organized process)

The McMurray Middle School learning community

The Vashon Island High School learning community