Demonstrates personal responsibility

  • Students demonstrate grit, persistence, craftsmanship (quality of work)
  • Students will complete their work and ask for help when needed
  • Students demonstrate a personal passion for learning and exploring a topic of their own choosing
  • A personally responsible student makes choices to benefit themselves and the community
  • The student owns their success or failure and advocates for their learning with teachers

. . . choices to benefit themselves and the community

Fourth graders' perspectives, in their own words:

"I can change the world by helping people in need like homeless people and kids at school hwo feell left out. For homeless people I would make donations and for kids at school by including them when you play at recess or in class."

"I can change the world by being kind no matter what. I can change the world by recycling as much as possible. I can also change the world by not poluting the earth."

"I can change the world by to be nise and be nise with pepol."

"I can get homeless pets out of pet shops by buying them to make them happy. I can make the world cleaner by picking up pollution. I can stop plastic pollution by recycleing all the plastic that I use."

"I can not waste paper or garbage. I could treat others the way I would want to be treated. I can help pollution by picking up garbage wherever I go."

"I can clean the enviernment to help the animals in the beaches, forest and parks. I could clean up garbage, recycling and plastic."