Engaged and heard

The inherent diversity of any classroom becomes an opportunity for learning and connection. --Global Education & Equitable Preparation: An Educator's Digest of Facts and Figures (participate.com)

In order for us to engage and hear our students, we commit to identifying and removing systemic barriers based on:

  • racial designations and color of skin
  • economic status or hardship
  • gender designations, gender identity and gender expression
  • program designations (highly capable, English language learner, special education and/or tiered intervention in reading, math and/or behavior)

We believe we have been successful when:

  • Each student finds a place to belong – courses, classrooms, programs
  • Each student makes connections with adults they trust in the building
  • Each student uses school resources to help resolve problems and concerns
  • Each student makes healthy connections with peers
  • Each student feels comfortable expressing thoughts, feelings and opinions with peers and with adults in the classroom setting