Optical Spintronics and Sensing Lab


In the Optical Spintronics and Sensing Lab we study defects in crystals. Defects have historically played an essential role in classical electronic/optical devices. Now new nanoscale devices are being developed based on the quantum properties of defects. We are occupied with the following questions:

  • What are the fundamental properties of a known defect state? Alternatively, by measuring the properties of an unknown state, can we identify it?
  • How can the quantum properties of a defect be engineered and controlled?
  • What new technologies can quantum properties of defects enable?
  • What new capabilities can be realized through solid-state device integration of defects?

There are often open postdoctoral, graduate and undergraduate research positions in the group. Interested students should contact Kai-Mei directly.

Unfortunately, the group does not fund international undergraduate students seeking summer research experiences. Self-funded students are welcome to contact Kai-Mei.

Current funding for these projects is provided by NSF-ECCS, NSF-EFMA, NSF-QIS/PHY, MURI-ARO, NSF-MRSEC, NSF-CHE.