Ukiah High Counseling Department

If you missed our Open House Parent presentation on scheduling for the 24 -25 school year here is the presentation.

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What is happening?

Ukiah High School Counselors 

Jose Arroyo 

9th Grade

Office - A9 

Eduardo Hurtado

A - Duke (10th)

A - Flanary (11th) 

A- Duran (12th)

Office - A14 

Naomi Rhodes

Dunham - Keplinger (10th)

Flores - Morfin (11th)

Durnil - Lopez-Prado (12th)

Office - A8 

Ana Jacinto - Cawthon

Kiedrowski - Peterson (10th)

Maeyama - Reed (11th)

Lugo Espinoza-Rahn (12th)

Office - A10

Angelina Gutierrez

Phan - Z (10th)

Rensen - Z (11th)

Ramirez - Z (12th) 

Office - A11 

Kristin Frith Williams

Title VI (Native American) Counselor 

Office - A7 

Darleen Castanon

Middle College and UISA 

Counseling Support Staff

Norma Carreon


Office - A6

Rosie Carlon

Counseling Secretary 

Vanessa Garcia

Information Specialist

Office - A12