WRHS International Baccalaureate 

Congratulations to the Class of 2023!

2023 WRHS IB Citizen Scholarship Recipient:

Sudeepthi Bangalore

Sudeepthi is a caring, talented, and highly motivated student who will improve every environment, just as she did here at WRHS. Good luck and congrats, Sudeepthi!

Extended Essay Topic: To what extent did Volta’s involvement in the scientific community during his career contribute to the development of the first battery? 

TOK Essay Thesis: For artists and natural scientists, which is more important: what can be explained or what cannot be explained? For natural science and arts, the explainable is more important because the goal for scientists is to build upon the knowledge. For artists, the goal is to best portray events or things through a medium. 

Favorite IB Memory: My favorite IB memories come from the math competitions, the Group 4 project, and the French field trip to the Nelson-Atkins museum in Kansas City. I saw them as opportunities to hang out with my classmates and take time to live in the moment. 

Advice For Students: My favorite piece of advice to give is to not let others tell you what you are capable of achieving. Have or find a circle of people that encourage you to follow all your crazy dreams. Lastly, when you find the things you love doing, do your best to stick with them.