WRHS International Baccalaureate

Congratulations to the Class of 2022 WRHS IB Diploma Candidates!

2022 WRHS IB Citizen Scholarship Recipient:

Donna Jalosjos

Donna is a tremendous presence for good in every context and in every way. She constantly strives to improve her communities and will continue to do so. Congrats, Donna, and good luck!

Extended Essay Topic: To what extent did US influence on the Philippines during and after the Philippine-American

War affect the Philippines?

TOK Essay Thesis: How can we distinguish between good and bad interpretations? Good interpretations in the arts should be largely based on the intention of the artist. The utility of historical interpretations to historical study are largely determined by a combination of the accuracy of the historical, the breadth of perspectives, and the changing social context.

College Plans: Major in Business at the University of Pennsylvania

Favorite IB Memory: My favorite IB memory is eating lunch in Mr. Shipman's room everyday, since he lets his 5th hour IB history class eat lunch in his room. We had a lot of fun conversations and everyday was a great time.

Advice For IB Students: Have fun and be creative in your work! IB gives you a lot of room to choose what you want to study or do a particular project on, so you might as well explore something that genuinely interests you. Make sure that you avoid procrastination and get your assignments done sooner rather than later!