Technology Resources

This COVID19 situation has affected all of us in a variety of ways. To help reduce the stress of a major change in the education of our children, the USD376 Instructional Technology team would like to provide some resources for parents and students on how to complete a task, troubleshoot issues, etc. Please understand the following videos are just overviews on how to connect an iPad or Chromebook as well as explaining a few other features provided on each device.

Grades 2-12 students will sign into the Chromebooks using their school created accounts prior to connecting to home WiFi. Each student should know their own passwords.

Troubleshooting steps for those having WiFi connection issues with a Chromebook:

1. Sign out of the current Chromebook account

2. Choose Add Person at the bottom

3. When it says No Network choose your network from the list and put in your password.

4. If it just sits there spinning for a while click the Back button.

5. Sign in to the student's account

6. Close any browser windows that come up

7. Click at the bottom right (where the clock is).

8. Click on the arrow where it says No Network and choose your network.

Now the Chromebook should be connected and capable of browsing the Internet.

For those of you that have a quarantined student and need Internet access for them to participate in remote learning, contact your child’s principal about the possibility of using a cellular hotspot until they return to school.

The IT team at USD376 is planning to provide additional support videos or resource links as issues arise. So please keep checking back to see if the provided resources address any additional issue you may encounter. If not, please use this technology support form so you may submit questions regarding technology issues. Once the form has been received and reviewed, a member of the IT team will make contact via email or phone. If tech support is needed on a school-issued device, the team member may request the end user to access an online site permitting them to remotely control the laptop in question. As for iPads, these devices can not be remotely controlled but there is an installed app labeled Teamviewer QS that permits our tech support team to view the iPad's screen. By viewing the screen, the support team member can walk the end user through troubleshooting steps as long as it is on the Internet.

Thank you for your support and understanding during this unique time in our lives. Be careful, wear your mask and wash your hands!